Promote, develop, support, motivate, safeguard and encourage Pakistan’s Tibbi Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

The Association will endeavor to keep members informed on industry development at national and international level providing also updates on Association activity for and on behalf of members.

To advance the role that Unani/Herbal health care products play in the health of the individual and society at large.  In particular produced by PTPMA member organizations

Encourage member companies on empirical and scientific research into the quality, safety and effectiveness of herbal health products

Encourage the application of such research in the production and marketing of the products of members organizations

Promote, protect and advances the commercial objectives of members

Represent member companies at national and international level in their relationships with Governments and Statutory Agencies for the interests of the industry and to opt for legal, moral and technical measures necessary to promote, support Tibbi Pharmaceutical industry.

Work co-operatively with similar organizations in rest of the world with a view to supplement common interests like conducting exhibitions of Pakistan herbal health care products manufactured by the member organizations

Have a check on member organizations to promote sustainable patterns of quality manufacturing following GMP for the herbal manufacturing industry

Serve as a bridge to improve communication between member companies for achieving goals of common interest.

To coordinate with national and international level journals, magazines and other quality publications related to Health care industry for the promotion of Tibbi Pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

Ensure a regular coordination and cooperation with other system of medicines prevailing in Pakistan for the best interest of the Health Care industry as a whole and specifically for Tibbi Pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Take measures for enhancing the export of medicines manufactured by the member organizations contributing in National Economy.

The PTPMA recognizes the difficulties imposed on members by the lack of legislation for the herbal health care products manufacturers.  The Association is therefore actively involved in liaison with the Ministry and Department of Health for an earliest favorable legislation to be formulated and deployed within the best interest of the Tibbi Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. In the meantime both the Association and its members are committed to improve as far as possible within the existing statutory framework.

Where direct conflicts arise between the legitimate aspirations of members and inappropriate restrictions imposed by existing regulations, members are required to identify the problem to the Association and the Association will then formally raise the matter with the relevant regulatory authority with a view to agreeing a way forward that is acceptable to all parties.

The above considerations aside, members who conduct their business in breach of statutory regulation are also in breach of the requirements of membership of the PTPMA.